Saddlepack Taper for Meat Packaging

Automate the cumbersome, labor-intensive meat packaging taping process.

Eliminate downtime on your meat packing line with automated package taping.
Put an end to costly delays on your meat processing line. Precise and efficient taping automation streamlines your operations, boosts throughput, and minimizes human error for greater productivity and profitability.

Tape 20 Saddlepacks Per Minute

Automate one of the most labor-intensive tasks on your line. Increase efficiency while freeing up manpower for other demanding areas of your plant.

Fits Unique Taping Applications

Customizable design accommodates multiple taping applications based on your packaging needs.

Fits Your Floorplan

The compact footprint and modular design make installation and maintenance easy.

Compatible with Existing Equipment

Custom design and installation is compatible with existing facility equipment, regardless of OEM brand.

Run in Bypass Mode

Maintain flexibility of your line and run product that doesn’t require saddlepack taping.

The saddlepack taping process has long been a bottleneck on meat processing lines.

Avoid the saddlepack slowdown and keep your packaging moving.

The Talk-Through

Give us an idea of how you utilize manual taping processes so we know what kind of challenges you’re up against.

What We’d Do

We’ll show you how implementing our taping equipment can improve productivity and decrease downtime on your line.

Start Saving Time & Money

We’ll work together to install your Saddlepack Taper and implement new processes that increase your throughput.

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There’s nothing worse than line backups and delays due to lack of manpower or human error.

Manual taping processes have been an accepted inefficiency on meat packaging lines for too long. For some reason, automation attempts just haven’t stuck. Settling for unsatisfactory solutions, however, doesn’t help your plant hit efficiency and throughput goals.

Custom solutions for your plant, from the engineers that build the equipment.

Tailored solutions
for your needs

We design equipment specifically for your unique challenges, ensuring a perfect fit to address space and operation issues.


We manage the entire installation process, taking the burden off your plant. Our comprehensive approach minimizes downtime and disruption to make your life easier.

Expert troubleshooting
and integration

Count on us for in-plant troubleshooting and seamless integration, alleviating your worries about potential issues during and after the installation.

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Easy to operate and maintain, you’ll maximize up-time with this innovative, patent-pending equipment.

See how the Saddlepack Taper can integrate into your existing equipment and increase productivity.

Contact us for more information today.