Saddlepack Depositor for Meat Packaging

Eliminate wet seals and leaking packaging.

Put an end to costly delays on your meat processing line.

Precise and efficient portioning streamlines your operations, boosts throughput, and minimizes rework for greater productivity and profitability. No more wet seals or leaky packaging.

Maintain Dry Sealing Area

Ensure your thermoformer successfully seals each package, eliminating leakers. Save time and money by avoiding delays due to repackaging.

Load 20 Saddlepacks Per Minute

Automate one of the most labor-intensive tasks on your line. Increase efficiency while freeing up manpower for other demanding areas of your plant.

Accurate Portioning Every Time

Fast and accurate depositing eliminates human error. Get more throughput while putting a stop to rework and downtime.

Compatible with Existing Equipment

Custom design and installation is compatible with any existing facility thermoformer, regardless of OEM equipment brand.

Downtime and delays due to leaking packaging and inaccurate portions are costing your operation.

Solve your wet seal and portioning issues with an automated Saddlepack Depositor that integrates with your existing food packaging equipment.

The Talk-Through

Give us an idea of how you utilize manual depositing processes so we know what kind of challenges you’re up against.

What We’d Do

We’ll show you how implementing our depositor equipment can improve productivity and decrease downtime on your line.

Start Saving Time & Money

We’ll work together to install your Saddlepack Depositor and implement new processes that increase your throughput.
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There is nothing worse than a batch of leakers. Except the time lost to repackage them.

The one-of-a-kind Saddlepack Depositor accurately portions meat and poultry products for thermoformed packaging. This easy-to-operate machine automates one of the most labor-intensive tasks on the line, increasing throughput while eliminating wet seals that lead to leaky packaging.

Custom solutions for your plant, from the engineers that build the equipment.

Easy maintenance, operation, and washdown

Less than $300 per month to maintain, with simple and ergonomic operation. Clean in place design makes it efficient to washdown and start running again.


We manage the entire installation process, taking the burden off your plant. Our comprehensive approach minimizes downtime and disruption to make your life easier.

Expert troubleshooting
and integration

Count on us for in-plant troubleshooting and seamless integration, alleviating your worries about potential issues during and after the installation.

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Cut down on wet seals, manual labor, and dreaded downtime.

See how the Saddlepack Depositor can integrate into your existing equipment and increase your productivity.

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